January 18 2011

Video of Gear on sheep at 6 months … best it gets trying to work a pup and video at the same time :@)

Click her for Gear Video


Nov 1st 2010:

Gear starting his “career” a little earlier than anticipated. When he was 3 months old I was working a dog in the far back pasture and I came back toward the house to do a couple hundred yard outrun. When I looked up I saw a dog out there circling the sheep (I was using 30 or so) and I’m thinking who’s dog is in my pasture and where are my guard dogs! So, I go flying down there to run the dog off  … half way down I could see the dog wasn’t chasing but trying to work the sheep. I’m trying to figure out which one of my dogs got out …  when I dawns on me … it’s Gear. Who must have done a 200 yard outrun (not sure how it looked as I didn’t see it :@) and was proceeding to circle the sheep. I scooped him up and took him back to the house … trying to figure out how he got out so I wouldn’t have work a “brace” every time I went out to work a dog.

It’s one of those moments you Hate to Love … but I loved it.


Candy Kennedy