REEF – Same way bred as Aled Owen’s Bud.

Sold to a super nice guy and he qualified for the Nursery Finals in his first trial).

I’ve decided that 4 dogs all the same age (yearlings) is a tad too much so planning on selling a couple.

Reef is another pup I bought to train up. He has such a great pedigree — how could I resist! He’s the same way bred as Aled Owen’s Bud (so, sired by his International Cap). He’s a high-energy, smoothish, tri-colored male. Since he was sired by Aled’s Cap (that I already have 2 by) and both are very high on my fun to train ‘list’ – had to add one more!

Reef as a pup

Reef – just starting:

A few very bad videos – there are 4 of them – top right corner the four lines will take you to the other ones.


Candy Kennedy