Year old good-looking male dog for sale. He’s super sweet and really likes to connect with people. He’s a good listener, great in a crate and dog run. I don’t think he’s going to be a working dog but if someone has the time and patience – he does have chase. I think he would be a great pet or maybe some other “sport”. Only asking puppy price but would have to be neutered. Message me for any info and happy to fill you in.


Young (just turned a year) extremely well-bred bitch for sale. Sired by Aled Owen’s Bud out of a littermate to Ricky Hutchinson’s Jock. She is just started – going around both ways with a call-off. She is just now ready for training. I have two (male and female) and I decided I am more suited to the male. I hate to sell her with that pedigree but can’t train 2 the same age and give them the time they deserve. She’s tiny, super sweet, and submissive (gets along with all my dogs), however, she is very high-energy. Email me and I will give you the good and bad as I want her to go to a home where she will fit. abcollies @ yahoo. com (remove the space)

(SOLD) – Fully trained dog for sale:


2-year-old quality male. He is qualified for 2023 Nursery ready to move to open. He qualified for Nursery in his first trial (placed first and then second in a large class of dogs) He’s a top qualify trial dog with a great pedigree (sired by Jamie Mitchelll’s well-known Sweep and out of a Aled Owen’s Cap daughter). He’s got a natural outrun, a great listener, with a sharp responsive down. He’s a CEA carrier and clear on everything else. For more info contact abcollies @ yahoo. com (remove the spaces).

(SOLD) REEF is for sale: Look at the drop-down menu under future hopefuls). I had 4 yearlings and decided that was to many the same age. He is a full brother to Aled Owen’s Bud so has a great pedigree. Email me at abcollies @ (remove the spaces)

(SOLD): For Sale: FULLY trained open dog for sale. An intact 4-year-old male with all tests clear and hips done. If interested, email abcollies @ yahoo. com (remove spaces) for videos and info.

(SOLD): For Sale – one male pup might be available in Feb. Gear was bred for the last time – to a daughter of Aled Owen’s cap, she’s also a granddaughter of Pennant Williams Sweep (and has Tanhill Glen and Bobby D’s Joe in her pedigree). 

(SOLD) – Junefor sale: June is a 2 year old Nursery dog for this year (Click on her name for more info). Contact me at email below if interested. 

(SOLD): Bic for sal. Bic is a started yearling imported (in dam) son of Ross Games Roy (who sired Kevin Evans’ Ci that won the International twice).                                                                                                                                                                                                            

(SOLD) Case for sale. Case is a yearling son of Kevin Evan’s Ace (2nd at the International).

(SOLD) BOND Fully trained dog for sale —-


Abcollies @ (remove spaces)