Tux pup TUX (when he was a puppy :@)

I bought a young bitch last year hoping to have a nursery dog for 2014, however she didn’t “work out”. So, thought I would pick up this “young man” (from Noelle Williams) – if not for this year then 2015. We will see how fast he ‘comes on’ and go from there. I would rather run Nursery than PN (as it’s usually on the same day as Open) and he’s a decent age for nursery.

I trained him up and then decided I wasn’t going to many trials (if any) for the rest of the year so decided to sell him.

I sold him to Alejandro from Brazil that owns a ranch with 500 head of sheep and 300 head of cattle … so Tux is going to work for a living (along with trialing). He was enjoyable one to train – good listener and more than willing to learn.