Gear’s Page


 2013 … progressing well.

He has placed in a number of open trials after moving from Nursery to open. Then, won his first open trial with a 96 (out of 100) on range ewes. He’s still young and needing more experience but he seems to be developing nicely into an Open dog.

Click here for training/trialing updates:

More updates:

Click HERE for a nursery run at “On the Border” Sheepdog trial on lambs.

Click HERE for another Nursery run on Hair sheep.


Gear is sired by my Moss and Carolyn Crocker’s Lyn. Lyn was run very successively in open by Suzy Applegate. I’ve watched Lyn through the years and always liked her way with sheep – Especially range ewes.  She’s now teaching Carolyn “the ropes”.

I really didn’t want a puppy – I’ve raised WAY too many of them. But since I did enjoy Bond (Moss son) I decided I would “give it go.” Gear is a very stable pup … just the right blend of independence and wanting to be with you. He’s “kicked back” and mellow but when “turned on” has energy to burn.



Candy Kennedy