Dekon Dekon: Also known as “smiley” – he grins when he greets you. He has great feel and line on his sheep. One of the best at holding a single I’ve had. Sold to Carolyn for a trial dog.

Tai2 Tai: He has plenty of line, pace and scope with a willing to please attitude. Sold to Carolyn who is going to trial with him.

Sagecol Sage: is a line bred bitch of my Moss (Old Moss). Julie Hill (Simpson) bred her bitch Jill to Bobby Henderson’s Bill (both being “grand kids” of my Moss).

Torysingle Tory (Zoe): Sold to Jan who has trialed and won with her.

Gypcol Gyp: Great trial and working bitch.

Royboy Roy: Imported 3 year old male. I trialed him for awhile and then sold as a cattle dog.

Rock MOEL ROCK: Black and white Line bred BWLCH Taff – sold as a trial dog.

BMoss Moss: is a son of Bobby Henderson well known Bill (who is a grandson of my old Moss).

Netcol Net: Net is a well bred tiny little ball of fire. After she was trained – Nina bought her for trialing. They placed 2nd in the first trial they went to.

Nan Nan: is a extremely well bred small black white and tan bitch.