Bondcopy Bond: Sired by Moss and out of imported Gyp – sold as a trial dog.

Brite2 Brite: Super pedigree.

Dot DOT: Dot is a BWT flat coated classy young bitch that I imported. Sold as trial dog.

Robside Rob – high drive, easy flanker and great outrunner. Sold for trial dog.

SONY DSC Jax: BWT smooth coated male. He’s a pleasure to work – very fluid in his movements. Sold as a trial dog.

Jet Jet: She is a good listener with natural flanks and outruns.

RoyBill Roy:Good outrunner, smooth flanks, with cool, quiet power – making sheep “melt” off him. Sold to Jan as a trial dog.

Small Image of Lane Lane: talented young dog that placed in his first two PN trials and then won PN at Zamora. Sold as a trial dog.

Glen3 Glen: He’s “shaping” to be a really nice one.

Tam Tam: Known around the ranch as Tiny Tam – he might be tiny but he’s all heart. Great outrunner with plenty of feel and balance on his sheep. He came in 3rd at his first trial and took a second at the next one … Sold to Carol Campion for a trial dog.