Pasture view @ Whistle Stop Ranch

LESSONS – Calendar of the days I’m here at the bottom of the page. 

I do group lessons on Saturdays (starting 9 AM) with appointments required.
$50 per lesson.

I sometimes do private lessons during the week – email for price and days.

Jan Heermann has volunteered to be my “social secretary”  since I spend most of my time trying to get things set up (and NEVER answer the phone). So, If you would like to communicate with a *real live person* for more info please contact her (She said call or text).

Jan Heermann   818    419     0529

If you want to email me you can use either of the emails below:

abcollies @ yahoo. com   or   abcollies @ gmail. com (with the spaces removed).

Click here for a map to training facilities

Turn onto Jury St, then before the mailboxes (don’t go past them) turn left and then bear right up the hill.

General lesson information

Regular lessons are given on sheep and the dog is worked twice. However, for the first couple of exposures, it’s best to only work once. Reason being: it takes a lot of mental concentration to focus on sheep and handler and we want to make sure the dog is enjoying himself. So, we need to be extra careful not to overdo at the beginning.

If this is not only your dogs first exposure to sheep but also yours – then I can work your dog for you. There will be other people and dogs here (usually 3 to 5) so you can also watch them work their dogs (and learn from their mistakes!) Lessons are casual and usually a lot of fun for both dogs and owners. If you would like more detailed information on what occurs during class … read this Class Action.

Most pups are ready to start on stock somewhere between 8 to 9 months old. This isn’t “set in stone” as dogs – like people – are all different. If I had a really hard tough dog I would tend to start them earlier before they “come into their own” making them harder to handle. With a softer and more sensitive dog I would work on “toughing” them up before I ever took them to stock. What I mean is I would go out of my way to find something to correct them for off stock. This way they don’t associate correction “with stock”. I am located on 22 acres in a little town called Tehachapi, Ca (between Los Angeles and Bakersfield).If this is something that would interest you feel free to email me at    abcollies @  or   abcollies @ (remove the spaces). 

Board your dog and have it trained – $1,000 a month.

I take a VERY limited number of dogs in for custom training.

Depending on the number of dogs I have that I’m training up to sell and also the number of my own dogs. I work the dogs 5 to 6 days per week. I train all levels (started to finish work) and on all “types” of sheep. Starting with dog broke ones, heavy ones, light ones and also “flock work” using 50 or 60 sheep.

I’m located on 22 rolling acres in a little town called Tehachapi, Ca (between Bakersfield and Los Angeles). I have a “dog room” in the house that is set up with crates so the dogs stay in the house at night or if it’s too hot outside.