I only breed occasionally and usually it’s because I’m looking for something for myself. Below is information on my “feelings” on breeding.

I’ve been breeding top quality working dogs since 1980 (winning the 2004 ABCA Breeder of the year award) … long before the Border Collie became popular. Because I feel so strongly that only the best working Border Collies should be bred, I am exceptionally careful about which dogs I select to breed from. I don’t believe in breeding from “working lines” – only from working dogs. I take in to account not only the pedigree but also the working ability of the individual dogs. This means that with each and every litter I have observed both parents working ability (by training them) in order to determine their strengths and weakness. Then I endeavor to improve their weakness without compromising their strengths. I also X-ray and eye check all the dogs (even the ones we aren’t planning on breeding – as I don’t want to spend years training a dog only to discover it has a problem).

When I say “top working Border Collie” I am referring to USBCHA (United States Border Collie Association) standards. I do not consider “titles” earned in AKC trials as a representation of a quality working dog. If you are getting your first Border Collie, you may not understand this distinction or believe it makes a difference. However, if the reason you are interested in these dogs is from what you have heard and read about their intelligence then you need to reconsider. These dogs have been bred for hundreds of years for their ability and brains – never for their looks, that is, until AKC came into the picture. AKC dilutes the intelligence and ability of these amazing dogs … by breeding for conformation and looks. (For more information on this subject see article “no conformation required”ABCN: Article).

This breed is unique and remarkable; though, it’s not a breed for everyone. If you are interested in one of our pups, please contact us. But please understand and don’t be disappointed to discover you might have to be put on a “waiting list”. I usually have ½ the litter sold before I ever breed. I don’t have “ready made” pups waiting to be bought on impulse. I plan my breedings very carefully and well in advance and limit the number of pups to be sold each year. This means our puppy buyers often have to wait. I strive to have both the buyers and the puppies satisfied with each other. All the pups are born in the house and are interacted with on a daily bases. They stay inside until around 4 weeks (usually after they figure out how to “break jail”). After that, that are put outside (one of the advantages of living in Southern California) with their mother … in a dog run with a small shed that has an “in and out” door so they soon learn to go outside to go to the bathroom (great for housebreaking themselves). They are let out 2 or 3 times a day and taken for a walk so they learn to follow and come to “puppy-puppy”(helps with learning to come when called later on).

I feel that finding a reputable, experienced breeder is the most important step in purchasing a puppy or for that matter, an older trained dog. A reputable breeder is one who is capable matching pups or trained dogs with potential buyers; an experienced breeder is better able to predict disposition and working ability. Potential buyers through the years have often asked me to choose the best puppy in a litter. However, in reality there is not a “best” puppy in a litter as the “best pup” is the one that “best suits” the owner’s needs.

On many occasions, I have selected pups for their new owners, keeping in mind the type of dog they need. Many of my buyers come back 10 or 14 years later after their dog died saying they wanted to buy another pup from my breeding – I couldn’t ask for a better endorsement. Once I have communicated and established that a Border Collie would suit your lifestyle, a deposit will hold a puppy for you. You choose your pup in the order of your deposit. If I don’t have what you asked for in this litter (i.e. a female) then the deposit will be “rolled over” into the next litter. I don’t take deposits for color as I feel Border Collies should not be bred for conformation, color, or size. What makes a Border Collie different than any other breed is their ability to handle livestock as no other breed can. This “working ability” is what makes them exceptionally bright and tops in other fields such as Frisbee, agility, or any other “dog sports”.

A number of our pups go to their new homes by air. I ship all over the US and have shipped “outside” the country. However, I do this on a “case by case” bases. I do not ship our pups until they are at least 8 weeks of age (which is the youngest age the airlines will ship). At this age, they have their first vaccinations (usually a Fort Dodge puppy shot) and wormed between 4 and 5  times. Your pup comes with health records and will be registered with ABCA (American Border Collie Association). I do not and will not register with AKC. MOST pups are $1,000 – $1,200 with a $250 deposit (Imported bitches bred pups are around $1,500 depending on how many she has and the price to bring her over).

Contact info: abcollies @ yahoo.com or abcollies @ gmail.com