June is for sale:

She is a 2-year-old (July) bitch so great age for nursery this year. She’s a sharp-looking, smooth-coated Tri. Forward moving with Good flanks and an excellent down. She is ready to be molded and stretched out to get ready for Nursery trials.

She is well behaved in dog run, in a kennel, or loose in the yard. She is well mannered and gets along with all my dogs. Likes attention and affectionate with “her” people.

Here are a couple of videos of her: The first one is her driving in a circle. The second one is holding sheep to me



A few more videos – just working her (not very well trying to video and watch, sheep, dog, and where I’m going – not giving up my day job any time soon :@).




She tore her pad in this one (didn’t notice until we stopped – she kept going but was a bit sore footed).



Candy Kennedy