Young dog for sale – SOLD!



Summer is coming on … making it difficult to work all the dogs so have to part with some. I’ve decided to sell Arco – he’s a perfect nursery age and keen as can be. I think he has all the “pieces” to go all the way. Good balance, plenty of power and go. He is started – going both ways, down and call off.

Working one day and a ewe “thought” she would charge him – put her head down and went for him. He stood his ground – nailed her on the nose and then went right back to work. Most sheep never put him to the test as he has presence and walk up.

He is sired by Eileen Steinman’s well known Don. Click on pedigree to enlarge.


If interested email me at abcollies @ yahoo. com (remove the space).


Click HERE and HERE for a couple of short videos of him.


Candy Kennedy