Moss/Jess breeding

All of the pups listed below are sold … next breeding will be late Spring or early Summer 2015.


A student just bred her bitch to Moss (6/12/2013). He has sired some very nice pups … including my Gear and Tech who are qualified for the Nursery finals this year (Gear’s second year qualifying as he also qualified as a yearling).

Moss’s hip scored 9 (UK) and DNA clear.

Click HERE for his page.

This litter will be a good age for Nursery … there are deposits on 3 of the pups.

Jess is a very biddable, great listener and easy to handle.

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Jessone  Jess2 Jess3

Click HERE for video of her working.

Click HERE for another video.

Here’s her pedigree (click on to enlarge). Will update as info comes in.



Candy Kennedy