Pictures updated (9/25)

Sorry, ALL the pups are sold:

The pups are growing fast and starting to learn “their trade”. They are now taking gripping lessons from a willing volunteer:@)

BOB and DOT  pups!


They were born August 30 so will be a great age for a Nursery dog. Dot is a great mother and had a very easy delivery … having all of them in around 2 hours! However, sonogram said 6 and out came 8 — 7 of them females! The are growing and going from squiggly worms to trying to “walk and talk” :@) The tri is starting to come out in some and seems to be a very rich brown. They are all sold.


Click  HERE  for pictures (UPDATED 9/15/2011)

Click HERE for updated pictures (9/25/2011)


HERE for a video of pups.

HERE for video of pups “pigging out” :@)



Candy Kennedy