Status: SOLD

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Jim is a Flashy looking just turned 6 year old finished dog.  He placed and won in the Nurseries before being imported. His sire was bred by Julie Deptford (Hill) ( Bobby Dalziel’s Jim and Julie’s Gwen) and qualified for the 2007 International).

He has a huge outrun with an immense amount of stamina and drive that “stand him in good stead” when dealing with tough sheep. He has a “a lot of go” with no quit in him. He would also make a commercial flock dog as he is always ready for long, hard, difficult jobs with his untiring desire to work.

Here are a couple of videos of him working. I was trying to video while tripping over guard dogs,etc. … He thought I had lost my mind :~) It must be an “art form” to be able to work dogs and video them at the same time. :~) Jim Working


Feb: update He’s extremely responsive at taking his flanking commands (whistle and voice) – while quick and sharp he’s inclined to do so without thinking … so I’ve been working on his thinking, pacing, and listening skills.

March update: Took him out with ewes and lambs for the first time and he showed a lot of patience (not his normal self :~) … even with lambs coming up and smelling him (after all they figure he is black and white – just like mom) and mom “stomping” next to him.

May update:A ewe got into the next door neighbor’s pasture (full of 4 foot tall weeds) and couldn’t get back out (what is that “the law of sheep” … you can get out but can’t find your way back?) So, I got Jim through the fence and just sent him … we couldn’t see her. He found her brought her back and held her until I could crook her. I was quite pleased with him until I tried to “fit her” back through the fence and then he was a little too helpful :~)

June update: I needed to sell 30 ewes and lambs so used Jim to load them in the trailer. He did a great job … and by the time we were done … he knew the “job at hand” stopping any that were trying to come back out of the trailer while pushing the rest in. He was sore footed by the time we finished but he never slowed down … he gave 100 percent … really earned “his keep” that day.


Candy Kennedy