Status: SOLD

Holly is a 2 year old smooth black and white bitch that I’ve bought to finish and sell.

Holly On Outrun

Holly On Outrun

Holly is an easy to handle, good listening young dog. “At the moment” … She’s a tad hesitant in her work mostly because she has such a “want to please” attitude and is trying to make sure she’s right and it’s what I want.. Hates to make a mistake or get in trouble. However, the more she works the more confident she is becoming.

Right now we are working on “setting her flanks” and inside flanks. Her outrun is “to die for” and the shape of her flanks are natural and easy to push out or pull in. She’s not quite covering on her come-bye side so will need work on going past balance to free her up.

She walks on straight but needs confidence it “that department” also. “All in all” a extremely nice little dog (well,she’s not that little :@) that is very enjoyable to work with.

I’ll post more as we progress. I will try to update the videos as we “go along”.

Outrun left

Outrun Right



Candy Kennedy