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      Welcome to the articles archive. These articles were published in either the Working Border Collie or the American Border Collie Magazine. I will occasionally add new articles so keep checking back.

Picture This -- visualize training
Illusions of Control -- Control issues
"Conformation of a heart" -- Sage's Story
"A trialing attitude" -- Enjoying trialing
"Time Tracks" -- Training two "different" types of dogs
"Warning Label" -- Training article..."coming" when called
"Terms" -- An introduction to "herding" terms
"Class Action" -- What to expect from a herding class
"Basic Consistency" -- How to be fair when disciplining your dog
"Balance" -- What it is and how to develop it
"Well Seasoned" -- Training tips to help prepare your dog for trialing"
"Stage Fright" -- Different stages of training...
"No Conformation Required" -- Why we fought AKC...
"Right Angle" -- Using body language to push a dog back off his sheep
"Finely Ground" -- Relaxing a dog on his flanks.
"We have Lift Off!" -- Novice dogs having trouble with lifts.
"Styling" -- What does style mean in reference to a working dog.
"Pressure Cooker" -- How much pressure is too much?.
"Cut to the chase" -- Difference between push and chase
"Semi-breeding" -- Breeding for Quality
"Short Circuit" -- Reasons NOT to use an electric collar
All the above articles were written by Candy Kennedy and permission to use granted as long as credit is given (either by link or name and source).

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