“Slam-Bam” Thank Ewe trial Trial May 19th 2013

Abcollie - Border Collies

34650 Olive Ave, Winchester, CA 92596

May 19, 2013

Farm Flock – limited entry

Entries open April 9th - Close May 10th 2013

     Judge: Mike Burks

Nursery (Sanctioned) $33                Pro-Novice $30               Novice $25                   Non-compete Open $30

One run per dog. First place winner (in each class) gets one free additional run.

Checks payable to: Candy Kennedy

Send entries to:

Jan Heermann
27924 Oregano Circle
Santa Clarita, CA 91350



E N T R Y  F O R M (also a PDF form at the bottom of the page).

Dog name                                                                  Class                                                                        Fee

1. ________________________     _________________________                          _________
2.________________________      _________________________                          _________
3. ________________________     _________________________                          _________
4. ________________________     _________________________                           _________

Total      ____________

By signing the entry below, I agree to pay for all damages caused by any dog under my control while at this trial. I also agree that Candy Kennedy and the Trial Committee, shall not be held liable for any damage to me or any dog under my control while at this trial. I agree to pay damages/replacement cost of $150 per head and/or veterinarian costs for any damage to livestock or property caused by me or my dog(s).
OWNER/HANDLER (Please print LEGIBLY and then sign)
Address__________________________________ City______________zip______________
Phone and Email __________________________________________________

Click HERE for PDF entry form:


Candy Kennedy